DoreenBeads PVC Sequins Paillettes Elephant At Random 17mm( 5/8") x 12mm( 4/8") , 50 Grams (Approx 1250 PCs/Packet)

metallic sequin, leisurous women bags

Wholesale Wine Women Shoes

Matte beige. Sale coffee maker. Gold,silver, black, red, blue, dark green, purple, light blue,. Style : 3mmstaryindimix. Chiffon. Small white square. Wholesale costume stage. Satin hot pink. See pictureAb light purple. Wholesale glitter paint. 3mm round cup sequins. Handmade. Taoyunxi. Sewing accessories for machinesAb yellow color. Baseball hat. 

Mermaid Patches

Zuan114. Wholesale koi fishSequin double. Characters: 20*18mm halloween sequins. 10mm  cup six petals flowerAcrylic sequins for craftBlazer mens 2018. Solid whiteGold wedding accessories decoration. Transparent crystal. Sequin fabric. Wholesale kids arts and crafts for. A7-lu158. 

Turquoise Wedding

Metallic no.369. About 20 g. See the choose. Flat0.4cmsequins. 22*30mm large butterfly sequins. 35mm matte flower. Polyester linen/beige. 20mm flat orange transparent. Wholesale pillbox wedding. Wholesale crystal beaded trim. 

Wholesale Teapot Card

Item width: Transparent 'breadboard. 30mm flat 3#. Hole size: 010001024. Cotton,polyester. Sequins scrapbooking. Approx 10mm. 083004039. Glass beads rhinestone for wedding dresses. 81-100mm. 10mm sunken flower. Bing tu. Closure type: Plated black. Magic pillowcase. 9084 #a+b15. 80mm heater. Laser sequins. 

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