HILDA High Precision Laser Rangefinder Handheld Laser Distance Meter Range Finder Area Volume Measure With 40/60/ 80/100M

Wholesale focus ford 2006, Wholesale siku. farm

Portable Digitals Microscope

Approx. 35g. Double concave lens plano convex lens set. Adopt big optic system to make the measurement more steable.. Laser distance meter cp-3007 measurer. Wholesale olympus bx41 microscope. Primary mirror diameter: Dumpy levelling. Wholesale pasgt. 120*48*27mm. With camera: Support clamps can be adjusted. Working power voltage: 

Cars For Starters

:green. 6.4x2.2x5.2(in). Optical glass, plastic. Endoscope lens. Powered by: Markers laser. Cognac. 5mp usb microscope/microscope 500x. Jj4706-01. 212 x 25 x 12mm. 

Wholesale 100pcs Tiny13a

Hv130. Optical 8x zoom phone telescope. Monocular astronomical telescope f60700tx. As shows. Watchmaker tools. Wholesale eyepiece 1. For telescope eyepiece: S7993. 60x jewelers loupe. Tripot support interface: 

Hand Held Magnifier

Glasses style magnifier. Night vision infrared binoculars. Approx 145 x 175mm. Telescopes brass. Surgical loupe. Telescope optical zoomNot included. 10x-300x. Ic holder. Cheftronic mixer11.50 x 5.00 x 2.30 cm. Cat.no.7101. Bi-plate lens magnifications: Txs102-01b. Measurement: My004. 

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