Hot sale High quality Stainless Steel Potato Masher Ricer Puree Double Press Plates Fruit Crusher Pumpkin Potato Masher Machine

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Stainless Bamboos

Best for french fries & apple slices. Fruit : 28*10cm. Zpm103017. Nylon. Kg84eaa. Wholesale box egg. Henghome. Wholesale machine kitchen. Rb-kt0244. Abs & metal

Wholesale Blender &juicer

Presses wood. Net weight: Easy to use and wash. Temperature  resistance: Tw-183Spiral for vegetables. Plastic potato slicer tomato cutter tool shreadders. Potato masher,potato ricer. Ar-kp1002. Duolvqi. Product: 000012. 24*9cm. Alloy. Press mashed potatoes. For potato press masher kitchen gadgets espremedor amassador de batata. 

Plate Crusher

4511304. Food grade silicone dish. Kitchen tools gadget egg white. White potatoes. Diniwell. Wholesale pure metals. Akc6120. Material : Graters. Type: Sweet potatoes. Potato tools. Wholesale stainless steel kitchen tool squeeze. Packing            :Gsgj010. 

Orange Presses

Vegetable fruits. New cutting fruit. 29cm(length). Plastic fruit juicer. C bending. Hg3908. Potato masheers&ricers. Multifunction twizers. Ngl308243. Egg whisk. Heat resistant bathroom. 304 stainless steel. Lj113. :eco-friendly. Veggie cooking. Metal. 

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