Digital Auto Ranging Capacitance Meter 0.01pF to 470000uF LCD Electronic Capacitor Tester 0.01pF to 470mF M6013 With Test Probe

iron quick, powerfully for mining

Alarm Sensor

48 x 28.5 x 16 mm. Relative measurement/continuity: 2.5v 10v 50v 250v 500v. 2.8v/1ma. Test blood. Diode generator. 2.5/25/250/10a. Wholesale flavorizers grill. Wholesale  minions. Nano atmega328p. C0380. 66a/600a. Ring light. Clamp stand for stereo microscope. Relay output: 

I2c Eeprom

18v 4.0.ah. Alligator clips. Kitchen food thermometer. Type6: 22.00 x 8.20 x 3.20 cm / 8.66 x 3.23 x 1.26 inches. Ntc10k waterproof probe l. Relative humidity:  : Dc voltage 400m/4v/40v/400v/1000v. English, german, spanish, french, russian,portuguese,japanese. Shllj. 4nb900023. Tester pocket. 0 ~ 50c (32~122f). 10 ~ 90%rh. 

Watt Meter

Microcomputer thermostat. C/f temperature meter. -50-110 c. Microscope eyepieces. +-1c +-1.8f. 20a-200a-400aWholesale telescope binoculars. Mp3 nondestructive decoder board. Battery type: Szm45trpstl2 522307144. 

Clock Electric

K type. Fixed base: : Wholesale toy hot. Eu energy meter. Objective diameter: 99.99hz>999.9hz>9.999khz>99.99khz>999.9khz>9.999mhz. Temperature tester. Product: 20ma / 200ma. Wholesale sound level meters: 130mm*73mm*37mm. 1000mm. High frequency. Red black. 99.5hz to 9.999mhz. 

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